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Pitch Pilot Installation Instructions

Install the guitar string through one of the four string holes on the PitchPilot spring. Start with the 3rd hole (from the bottom).

Insert the tailpiece bolt through the back of your tailpiece and thread into the back of the PitchPilot.

Use the allen wrench and tighten snugly so that the PitchPilot does not twist back and forth against the tailpiece. Do not overtighten. Snug will do it!

Install the guitar string at the tuning-post but don’t tune it up until you’ve checked the critical settings as shown in the illustration below.

  1. The string angle coming off the bridge must be sufficient to put downward pressure on the bridge. Not enough angle and your string will sound “plunky”. Too much and the friction over the bridge is unnecessarily increased and may cause binding and “pinging”.  This is true for your normal strings as well.

  2. The string must not rub against the bridge body and must run unobstructed to the bridge saddle. This should also be true for your normal strings.

  3. There must be enough space below the PitchPilot to allow for spring deflection under use.   Once installed, push the handle all the way forward and check for clearance between the body of your guitar and the spring. Failing to leave enough room could damage the finish of your guitar so give it as much space as you can. Be very careful to get this right!

Tailpiece Height

Some people like to set their tailpiece high or low in relation to the bridge for reasons of tone and string feel. If you run your tailpiece high, you would likely use the 1st or 2nd string holes on the PitchPilot. If low, you would likely use hole 3 or in some extreme cases, string hole 4. The range of notes the PitchPilot can reach is effected by which of the string holes you use, with holes 3 and 4 being the most effective.

Always double-check your guitar-body to spring clearance to prevent contact and guitar-body damage.

Final Step

Before you tighten the string, apply a small amount of lubricant on the guitar bridge-saddle. This is to help prevent any binding of the string as it slides on the bridge-saddle. Re-apply lubricant every couple of weeks under regular use. Tune it up and have fun!


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