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How it Works

What is a Pitch Pilot™ and What Does it Do?

The purpose of the Pitch Pilot™ is to create a new form of musical expression for guitarists.

With Pitch Pilot™, you can manipulate the pitch of your guitar up to 7 semi-tones down and 3 semi-tones up. This small device will allow the operator to pluck the string attached to the device and using hand or finger pressure only, push down on a lever to lower the string’s pitch, or by pulling up on the lever be able to raise the pitch. By doing so, guitarists can create unique, musical sounds.

Using the Pitch Pilot™

Pitch Pilot is activated by the palm or fingers of the guitarists’ picking hand and is capable of making very delicate expressions and quivering-type sounds (16th to 32nd notes) as well as deep swooping dives and soaring effects like ones guitarists perform on “whammy” bars.

With practice, actual melodies can be expressed just using the wide range of Pitch Pilot.

The Pitch Pilot™ Sound

The sound created by Pitch Pilot is the sound of only 1 string changing pitch. Not only does it make a similar chorus effect within the guitar itself when used lightly, the interaction of the changing string and the strings beside it played together creates a myriad of interesting harmonies and overtones.

This sound is highly desirable as it can be heard to be “impersonating” the sound of a Pedal Steel Guitar which is a cumbersome, very difficult and expensive instrument.

  • The Pitch Pilot™ can both raise and lower the pitch of individual guitar strings. It has a range up and down of up to 10 semitones, while other devices are limited to a 2 semitone increase in tone.
  • All Pitch Pilot™ models install in minutes, require no permanent changes and can be removed easily with no ill-effects to the guitar.
  • The pitch change through the entire range of tones is completely linear and the sensitivity of Pitch Pilot makes all sounds, from delicate to drastic, easy.
  • Having the Pitch Pilot™ equipped on your guitar does not inhibit rapid string changes.
  • If properly used, the Pitch Pilot™ will not break or break strings.
  • The Pitch Pilot spring mechanism is able to be fitted to many different attachment designs to accomodate installation on many of the most popular guitar types and model designs. Currently, it is compatible with popular Fender® and Gibson® guitars.

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